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Plextor Announce M2S Series SSDs

David Gilbert


Plextor Announce M2S Series SSDs

Plextor has long been known for its range of optical media, and only last week launched its first external Blu-ray drive. Now it is looking to get into the flash storage game and has announced the release of its second generation M2S Series SSDs.

Plextor’s first foray into the SSD market came last year with it SATA II-supporting PX-64M1S and PX-128M1S. Today it has announced its first SSD to be launched in the UK and European markets and the 2.5in internal drive is available in three sizes: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Plextor claims the M2S Series SSDs are among the first to support the SATA III 6GB/s interface giving it write speeds of 480MB/s and read speeds of 330MB/s - which is seriously fast when compared to say the Corsair Force Series of SSDs. A generous 128MB DDR3 cache should further increase the benefits of the SATA III interface and help increase the lifespan of the M2S Series.

Traditionally, SSDs become ‘dirty’ after long periods of use (similar to HDDs becoming defragmented) and as such, suffer a loss in performance over time. The Instant Restore Technology, developed by Plextor, and integrated into the M2S Series aims to prevent this performance loss from occurring and provides more long-term stability. The M2S Series comes bundled with Acronis True Image Software to help migrate data from a traditional HDD to the SSD. The process clones the entire partition/drive, ensuring no data is lost during the upgrade and eliminating the need to re-install the operating system.

The M2S will be launching in Europe and UK next month and further details including pricing on the M2S Series will also be announced in March.

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