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PlayStation Phone: New Specs Come to Light

David Gilbert


Playstation Phone: New Specs Come to Light

More leaked pictures of the the PlayStation Phone, which has been rumoured for over three years, have appeared on the web. As recently as August the unconfirmed device was said to have an October launch date but it now looks as if early 2011 is a more likely launch date.

Engadget yesterday posted new images of the phone and as a result new details about the much-anticipated mobile gaming device have emerged. Codenamed Zeus, the new phone seems to be running Android 2.2 in the leaked pictures but rumours that the launch model will run Android 3.0 (codenamed the slightly less mighty Gingerbread) persist.

The phone seems to be about the same thickness as the PSPgo at around 17mm with a slide out control pad - similar to the PSP. The images show an 8GB microSD card inserted with 512MB of internal memory. It seems clear that Sony Ericsson is worried about losing ground in the mobile gaming market to the iPhone and iPod touch and believe this device will bring it back on track.

While there is still no confirmed word on the device from Sony (and there is some speculation that the images leaked are not real), it seems likely now that it will announce this device sooner rather than later and Mobile World Congress in February could be the ideal place to launch it.

Source: Engadget

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