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Playstation Phone Appears In The Wild - Names Zeus

David Gilbert


Playstation Phone Appears In The Wild - Named Zeus

Before now, we’ve seen blurry images of it. We’ve seen invitations to its possible launch this Thursday. And now for the first time we have seen the much-rumoured Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone in action – well sort of.

Two videos (both below) have been released purporting to show the phone, to be called the Zeus or the Z1, in working order. However neither video shows what we have been really waiting to see - which is a game in action using the slide out PS configured gamepad.

The first video is 102seconds long and shows the Sony Ericsson handset running Android Gingerbread. The video was shot on December 2 last but has only been leaked today. The video shows the ‘leaker’ (or is that leakee?) using the Android OS and gives us a glimpse of the apps on the device – including that all important Playstation app.

However in the second video when the app is opened we unfortunately get the message “There are no current items." The GUI looks very similar to the PSP interface and we will be very excited to see the graphics capabilities of this device whenever it is finally released.

The phone looks pretty impressive though it is on the bulky end of the scale and could be pretty weighty. The interface also looked a little sluggish though this could be a problem that will be ironed out before it is released.

While there has been no official word from Sony about this video, price, release date or specs we could be updating this story on Thursday when the press conference in Paris takes place. We will be here to bring you all the latest news when it happens.

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