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PlayStation Move Has Crippled Four Player Gaming

Gordon Kelly


PlayStation Move Has Crippled Four Player Gaming

Sony's unveiling of the PlayStation Move has met with a mixed response from you lot so far, so here are two move revelations about it which are just as likely to draw praise and criticism.

We have one good and one bad revelation, so as is tradition we'll start with the bad news first (skip to paragraph four if you like your news the other way around): the PlayStation Move's four player support is extremely limited. How so? Well it turns out the design geniuses at Sony had something of an off day during development of the Move since it has revealed the PS3 can only handle up to seven wireless devices simultaneously.

Seven you say? That's more than four. Well yes and no - you see if your game requires both the Move and the sub-controller (as many games are expected to) then that adds up to eight. The flaw lies in the PS3's Bluetooth module and there's nothing that can be done about that. Oh dear.

Next the good news and that is the Move only uses between 1MB and 2MB of RAM so developers shouldn't have any problem in keeping the performance of their games up to speed when factoring in support. Sony touched on this when it first announced the Move, saying it would take less than a frame from the Cell CPU's processing power and given this revelation that sounds about right.

So any more newly converted lovers/haters now out there...?


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