Sony PS3

There’s no doubt that it was Gran Turismo stealing the show, and it did look very good, especially considering that it’s still in a very early build stage. Sony stated that Gran Turismo was running at 1080p, but it wasn’t clear whether the console was actually outputting a 1080p signal or whether the TV was simply de-interlacing a 1080i signal into a 1080p image. Either way the effect was impressive and the frame rate seemed pretty smooth.

There are surely loads of Gran Turismo addicts out there who can’t wait for this new version to break cover on the PS3, but having played this early version I can’t say that I’ve started counting the days until the PS3 launches because of it.

Also on show was Virtua Tennis 3 which looked beautiful, although it didn’t feel like the gameplay had moved on too much from previous versions. To be fair though, this game isn’t due out for another year so Sega has plenty of time to polish it up. But much as I like Virtua Tennis, the PS3 version doesn’t look any better than the Xbox 360 version, so again there’s little incentive to go down the PS3 route. But this is nothing new, most big games come out on both the PS2 and Xbox, so we can expect the same thing to happen with the PS3 and X360.


Virtua Tennis 3 on the PS3.

Virtua Tennis 3 on the Xbox 360.


Sega was also showing Virtua Fighter 5 on the PS3. I’ve always been a big fan of the Virtua Fighter series – while Tekken has a “thrash the buttons” arcade feel to it, and DOA is, let’s face it, all about the babes, Virtua Fighter has a kind of integrity to it. Sega invented the 3D beat-em-up and has evolved it with each iteration, concentrating on strategy, fluid movement and stunning visuals. After playing a few rounds of VF5 today I’d say that Sega is definitely making the most of the PS3 with this one.

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