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PlayStation 3 Import Ban Overturned


PlayStation 3 Import Ban Overturned

The import ban imposed in the Netherlands against Sony late February has been revoked. For Sony this is an important ruling, as most of the PlayStation 3s the company sells across Europe are first distributed from the Netherlands base.

The decision two weeks ago not only saw an injection placed against Sony, stopping it from importing consoles into the Netherlands, but also resulted in the seizure of around 300,000 consoles from its distribution centre. As that centre is the base out of which imports to most other European countries originate, it would have been particularly damaging to Sony had the import ban remained in place.

As well has having its filing to have Sony banned from importing PS3s overturned, LG has also been ordered to pay damages. LG is currently seeking a similar ban in the US, the outcome of which may well be influenced by the decision in Europe.

The ban is part of a wider, ongoing dispute between Sony and LG over patents which has resulted in a back and forth battle between the two companies. In December 2010 Sony filed a similar complaint against LG, requesting that the latter be banned from importing a number of mobile phones, claiming that they infringed on Sony patents.

From the looks of things, we’ve not seen the last of this matter, as there are no signs this conflict will be resolved any time soon. We suggest you grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


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