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Pioneer and Buffalo Blu-ray Drives Offer 128GB of Storage


Pioneer and Buffalo Blu-ray Drives Offer 128GB of Storage

With the proliferation of cheap hard disk storage, the appeal of optical discs has greatly diminished over the years. Still, being able to burn 128GB to a disc piques our interest and with the new Pioneer BDR-206MBK, that’s now a reality. Buffalo is also offering the drive as an internal SATA BDRXL-6FBS-BK and the external USB 2.0 BRXL-6U2 (surely 3.0 would have made more sense).

The drives are based on the new BDXL standard that the Blu-ray Disc Association first unveiled earlier this year. This means that a four layer BD-R discs will provide 128GB of capacity, while the three layer re-writable discs will offer 100GB. A standard Blu-ray drive can hold 50GB over dual layers.

We still have to wait to hear about a shipping date or prices, but apart from those minor details, we’re all good to go.

We expect businesses looking for secure storage will take these on, as you’ll need the new BDXL hardware to be able to read the discs, and until this becomes standard the drives will only be compatible with each other, which is a rather dull party.

Via: Engadget.


October 25, 2010, 9:14 pm

How are these BDXL discs? Some ridiculous price no doubt. I used to love disc media but it can no longer compete with flash/HDD storage on price per GB any more, or its days are numbered.


October 25, 2010, 11:57 pm

Those coasters sure are gonna be expensive. Not a disc you'd want to scratch.

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