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Pioneer Updates Blu-ray Range


Pioneer Updates Blu-ray Range

Pioneer has been churning out some cracking Blu-ray players recently - see the BDP-51FD and BDP-LX71 for more details - so we should expect good things from the latest three: the BDP-LX52, BDP-320 and BDP-120.


All three are Profile 2.0 compliant, offer 1080p playback (including 24Hz video) and support Deep colour - 48bit on the BDP-LX52 and BDP-320 and 36bit on the BDP-120. All three players will decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio for direct audio playback, and also output uncompressed Linear PCM to a dedicated receiver.


The BDP-LX52 and BDP-320 also one-up the BDP-120 by offering Pioneer's Kuro Link system, which coupled with a Pioneer TV will automatically calibrate the players' output to suit the display. The two higher-end models also offer Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System which, paired with a similarly outfitted receiver, purports to reduce audio jitter. The BDP-120 has once ace up its sleeve, however: a start-up time (from standby) of only 0.8 seconds.


The top two players can have their firmware updated either via CD or direct from the 'net, while the bottom model can do so only from CD or a USB device. It goes almost without saying that all three players look rather stylish. The BDP-320 should be available this month, with the other two models following in July. No pricing as yet.

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