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Pioneer Launches VSX-1019AH, VSX-919AH, VSX-819H & VSX-519V


Pioneer Launches VSX-1019AH, VSX-919AH, VSX-819H & VSX-519V

Having been suitably impressed by the Pioneer VSX-LX51 AV receiver, we should expect good things form the latest additions to Pioneer's AV line-up, the seven channel VSX-1019AH and VSX-919AH and five channel VSX-819H and VSX-519V.

More seriously, the top three models boast Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master audio decoding and can play media from front-mounted USB ports. The top three units are also iPod and iPhone certified and the VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH will even display cover art and track information on a connected TV when playing from an iPod or iPhone.

Further to that, the VSX-1019AH, VSX-919AH and VSX-819H boast Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration, tailoring their outputs to the room in which they're installed to compensate for any induced audio inaccuracies.

All four receivers can handle Deep Colour and x.v.Colour content, as well as Advanced Sound Retriever and Auto Level Control, the former tweaking audio content in an attempt to restore data lost during compression and the later balancing volume output across the receivers' inputs. The VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH apparently offers superior versions of those, giving improved performance.

Separating it from the rest of the pack, the top-end VSX-1019AH is the only AV receiver to provide 1080p upscaling of input video content.

The VSX-519V and VSX-819H AV receivers will be available in May with the VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH following in June. Pricing isn't available yet.




April 16, 2009, 1:05 am

I have the VSX 1018 model. Deals with all the same gizmo's as the 1019 by the looks of things. There are less buttons on the 1019 model shown in this review. The 1018 is brilliant especially combined with my BD 51FD, 5090LX and the Pioneer SV410 speaker set.

I would expect the 1019 to be equally brilliant!


April 16, 2009, 2:06 am

"Pricing isn't available yet."

Well, that is true for the EU, but the actual price of the hardware is prety much known for months and the VSX519 and VSX819 can allready be purchased via Pioneer USA.

Prices (in $) can be found here:


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