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Pioneer XW-NAW1 iPod Dock Resurrects Kuro Brand


Pioneer Kodo XW-NAW1 iPod Dock Debuts

iPod docks may be two a penny, but the Pioneer seems to think there's room for at least one more , as its Kodo XW-NAW1 iPod dock evidences. The slim and stylish device is claimed to be equally at home mounted on a wall, or carried about with you and should work equally well with iPhones as with iPods.

At 83mm thick, the XW-NAW1 isn't going to be especially imposing, no matter where you place it - whether on your wall on on a desk, using the provides stand. Styling isn't exactly an objective science, but we reckon the XW-NAW1 has an air of understated elegance to it - though we'd sooner see a Bowers & WIlkins Zeppelin adorning our walls, given the choice.

The stereo speakers deliver a total of 30W, which won't exactly raze a building, but should be enough to raise the roof. Pioneer's talk of "neodymium tweetermagnets"{sic} sounds nice and science-y, but it isn't anything special - neodymium is a pretty common material for making permanent magnets. A component video output is present for outputting video from your iPod or iPhone to a TV. As ever, though, we've no idea why anyone would care to do so.

The snag? There's the £199 asking price for a start, which isn't pocket change. Though those of us who still harbour fond memories of Pioneer's Kuro TV range know better than to dismiss a pioneer product just because it's expensive. You'll be able to make your own mind up as to whether the Kodo XW-NAW1 is for you or not come September, when it becomes available.


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