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Pioneer Ceasing LaserDisc Player Production


Pioneer Ceasing LaserDisc Player Production

We've already mourned the death (perhaps a little pre-humously) of SACD and now the time has come to observe a minutes silence for another format - LaserDisc. Pioneer has finally called it quits on the format and, as it was the last manufacturer left still making players. Interestingly enough, as Pioneer also claimed bragging rights as the first manufacturer to ship a player.

To this point Pioneer was still making three models of LaserDisc player, the DVL-919, DVK-900 and DVL-K88. Stats fans might be interested to know that apparently the company sold 9.5 million LaserDisc players itself, of the 16.8 million total shipped. To put that number in a little perspective, HD DVD managed in the one million units sold region, though that format only lasted a couple of years, not decades like LaserDisc.

Many of us at TR (myself not included by dint of being too young) have fond memories of LaserDisc. Sure it was prohibitively expensive, but as the forerunner to Compact Disc, DVD and ultimately our current format of choice Blu-ray, LaserDisc's demise does still bring a small tear to the corner of our eyes.

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