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Philips Launches BDP7300 Blu-ray Player


Philips Launches BDP7300 Blu-ray Player

Are slow start-up times putting you off buying a Blu-ray player? Philips thinks they might be and, further, with its BDP7300 purports to have solved the problem, "by offering quick offering quick start up times but without the need to use any extra power usage in standby mode." Although quite what quick means in, say, seconds is anyone's guess.

Anyone expecting Full HD, 1080p24 output capabilities, with Deep Colour support, as well as DVD up-scaling to 'near-HD quality' won't be disappointed. Decoding of Dolby TrueHD audio and DTS Master Audio Essential, with 7.1-channel output, is featured.

BD Live (Profile 2.0) content is supported, with 1GB of local storage provided and the requisite Ethernet port offering internet connectivity. Despite it's claimed quick start-up time, the BDP7300 manages to draw a paltry 0.2W in standby - hardly extravagant.

A front-mounted USB port means DivX WMV, MP3, WMA and JPEG files can be played from a removable storage device. AVC HD support enables video to be played from most HD camcorders with no messing around with conversion software.

Can you think of a better use of £249 once the player hits retail some time this month?




June 20, 2009, 10:26 pm

The firmware in Philips' most recent DVD/HDD recorders was horribly buggy and slow - for the two months I owned one there were numerous updates, and even so, the machine was still basically unusable. I really hope Philips have tried harder here, but I certainly wouldn't risk being an early buyer.

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