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Philips Fidelio SoundSphere Wi-Fi Speakers Add AirPlay

David Gilbert


Philips Fidelio SoundSphere Wi-Fi Speakers Add AirPlay

Philips has announced that it is the latest manufacturer to include Apple’s AirPlay technology into its speakers – with the intriguing-looking Fidelio SoundSphere speakers the first to sport the wireless technology.

These wireless speakers from Philips sees the merging of two of its popular product lines, the docking speaker Fidelio range and the SoundSphere range, which have been combined with Apple’s AirPlay to allow for "hassle-free" music streaming. While AirPlay will be an important selling point, just as impressive is the free-floating tweeters, which hang above the main body of the speakers. This is a design convention we have seen before from Philips in its MCi900 high-end streaming audio system. Along with the curved design of the speakers, Philips claim the Fidelio SoundSphere system “delivers sound in all directions for a deeper and wider audio impression with minimized interferences.”

Airplay will of course allow users to seamlessly play music over a home Wi-Fi network from iTunes on Mac and PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all without the need for cables or making it necessary to dock your iDevice. We are awaiting more details about the speakers but what we do know is that they will be on sale from May and will cost €799 – which is about twice as much as the Bowers and Wilkins Zepplin Air and quite a bit more expensive than the Arcam rCube.

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