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Patriot Launches High End SSDs For Macs

Gordon Kelly


Patriot Launches High End SSDs For Macs

SSDs aren't usually thought of as platform specific, but Apple has this month been made to feel very special by Patriot.

The high performance memory specialist has announced its 'Koi' line of SSDs designed especially to work with Apple Macs. The explanation?

"In designing the Koi, we wanted to bring a product to market that was specifically designed for the performance found on Apple platforms", said Patriot Flash Product Manager Meng Jay. "The Koi Series has been thoroughly tested in Apple's Development Center to ensure optimal compatibility and stability. We have also backed our Koi Series with one of the best warranties in the industry, 5 years."

So Apple approves and with 260MB per second sequential read and 180MB per second sequential write speeds ably assisted by 64MB of onboard DRAM cache there shouldn't be many unhappy owners either. The series is also shock resistant up to 1500G, vibration resistant to 20G and has an industry high MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of over 2.5m hours.

Capacities of 128GB and 256GB only will tell you Patriot means business, so it is probably good for our hopes and dreams of owning one that we can't give you the price at present. That said, you own a MacBook so when they launch this month money will be no object, right?


Koi SSD 256GB Product Page

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