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Patapon 2 Eschewing UMD


Patapon 2 Eschewing UMD

If you're one of the many out there who wasn't, shall we say, the biggest fan of Sony's UMD format then please, please buy a copy of Patapon 2; for two reasons. First; as the sequel to Patapon it's bound to be great, and second; Patapon 2 might be the game to kill on UMD.

That's right, as Patrick Seybold, SCEA Senior Director of Corporate Communications, confirmed in a statement Sony is: "considering a digital only format for the Patapon 2 release as a one time test case as we continue to explore consumer preferences for digital content." So, while the game will be available "both retail and via the PlayStation Store," either method of purchase will require downloading Patapon 2 to a memory stick to play it. Retail boxes will simply have a download code.

As if that wasn't an encouraging enough sign that Sony might just be ready to put UMD to bed where it belongs, rumour has it that the retail game will be more expensive than the downloadable version. That only makes sense - there's no packaging or shelf space to pay for on the PlayStation Store - but coupled with Sony 'testing' what should actually be a popular game it does give the impression that Sony is giving digital distribution is the best chance possible to prove itself viable.

Here's hoping the one-time test case leads to a complete overhaul of how Sony's release methodology.


Via Kotaku.


April 15, 2009, 5:21 am

What a brilliant idea. However knowing Sony of recent, it probably won't go smoothly.

Understanding consumers is knowing that they value physical goods. Thus Sony should still provide retail units, and provide some sort of value-added product along with a download code. E.g. A nicely printed manual, or a book of artwork from the game, stickers, badges or a wall poster. Something like that. (Remember the days when this was standard for games, but now consigned to "collectors editions only")

Then the consumer accesses the playstation store, inputs their code (doesn't have to search through lists of games) and downloads the game straight onto their memory stick. Unfortunately the results of this are not going to be indicative, purely because memory sticks are not very large at the moment. A hard drive psp would allow downloading to become a lot more popular.

Secondly, allow things like e- books to be downloaded. The PSP has the perfect sized screen, like a mini-book when held vertically.

The way that Sony keeps adding features to the PSP annoys me. They never actually capitalise on the hardware avalilable, unlike Nintendo who stretch their hardware with innovative software. So what if I can turn my psp into a sat-nav? It's not going to make Sony much money that in turn supports their hardware.

Sometimes I wonder if Sony actually have a team dedicated to getting the most out of the PSP commercially. The way the product handles multimedia actually encourages people to buy the PSP and never buy any piece of software. When they can put everything on it for free, movies of their own, compressed quicktime movies etc

Well I've given some ideas. Easy to use download store using codes. E-books. Perhaps downloadable episodes of popular series. Newspapers, which update when device is turned on and near a wi-fi point...The PSP could be a cheap ebook reader.

...Rant over.

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