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Paramount To Offer Films On Xbox Live


Paramount To Offer Films On Xbox Live

Paramount may have picked the wrong side in the disc-based HD format war, but that doesn't mean its finger isn't on the pulse of modern content delivery. Proving that point the company has just announced that it has teamed together with Microsoft to begin offering its catalogue of films via Xbox Live.

An array of both standard and high-definition content is being made available for download including both old and new titles - although some of the former don't have the option of HD. Worth noting is that Paramount sub-division Dreamworks is also participating in the partnership, arguably offering some of the better films.

While we would still stress that anyone with access to either an HD DVD or Blu-ray player choose a disc-based medium over Xbox download service (on quality grounds if nothing else) having a wider selection of moving pictures to browse from your trusty console is never something to be sniffed at. Moreover, when that line-up includes the terrific Transformers (if you're 20 - News Ed) brilliant Stardust and… classic Naked Gun to name but a few, there's grounds for plenty of optimism.

All this new content will be available as of tomorrow (Tuesday 19th Feb) with the normal Live Video Marketplace download-to-rent pricing applied, namely 250 MS Points for an SD film and 380 for the HD equivalent. Prepare to hit your ISP-imposed download limits.


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