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Paramount Set To Abandon HD DVD Too?


Paramount Set To Abandon HD DVD Too?

If you're a regular reader and haven't quite picked up on this fact yet, allow me to inform you categorically that I do love a good rumour. Sometimes just for the shear comical implausibility of the allegations and at other times for the juicy information they offer. Today's choice sample is the suggestion that Paramount may be about to move away from its current position of HD DVD exclusivity in favour of the Blu-ray camp.

Normally I'd scoff at such an idea as crazy speculation, but when the Financial Times is the party making the claims one feels inclined to take a bit of notice. The crux of the story rests on the indication that Paramount's contract with the HD DVD group contains a specific clause allowing the former party to jump ship should Warner Bros. first do the same; almost as if that action would be deemed a signifier that HD DVD's days were numbered, which wouldn't bold well for the ailing format if true - let us not forget that Warner is now Blu-ray exclusive.

If Paramount abandons HD DVD it would seem likely that DreamWorks would also follow suit, as the two companies have very close ties and it is believed that both have the same get-out-clause. If this does happen HD DVD would be left with Universal as the only noteworthy exclusive studio on its side; a studio which has already considered moving to support both formats before and thus cannot be considered as steadfast an ally as HD DVD needs right now.

Of course it must be re-emphasised that this is pure speculation right now. Neither the HD DVD group nor Paramount has yet commented on the validity of these claims so we'll just have to take the Times' word for it that Paramount is ready to change sides; I'm going to maintain my (apparently) controversial stance that a single HD format is better for all of us though - here's hoping.


Financial Times story (subscription required - a free one at least though).

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