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Pantech Replaces Slider Keypad With 2nd LCD

Gordon Kelly


Pantech Replaces Slider Keypad With 2nd LCD

While the idea of handsets sporting dual screens isn't exactly new, I've never seen it done in this way before...

The 'IM-R200' from Korean innovators (and sometimes imitators) Pantech is a slider with a very noticeable difference: it dumps the keypad for another display.

Pantech argues that this makes the device far more flexible than a traditional slider since the screen can not only display a standard keypad but also adapt to show specialised text messaging keys, calculator buttons, game controls and more. Whether its in line for innovative Nintendo DS-like pieces of software however is more debatable.

Elsewhere the IM-R200 will a 2MP camera with autofocus, multimedia player with 3D sound, 116MB of onboard memory and a microSD expansion slot.

Sadly – as I'm sure you've all guessed by now – this is a Korean only handset, but whatever Korea does today someone brings over to Europe in three years time.

As the phrase goes: Korea sneezes and the rest of the world runs screaming to Nuclear bunkers...



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