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Pantech Brings Sansa-ish Handset To Europe

Gordon Kelly


Pantech Brings Sansa-ish Handset To Europe

Few of you will have heard of Pantech but I’m rather a fan of its innovative mobile phones. Take the PG-3600V for example, the ultimate incarnation of iPhone fanboy art which I covered back in May. Sadly the 3600V never made it to these shores but a very similar model may just…

According to the rumour mill the U-4000 is set to be one of the first Pantech models to be available in the UK (Orange is rumoured to have done a deal) and jolly nice it is too.

Unlike the 3600V the U-4000 has abandoned Apple styling in favour of ‘borrowing’ from the SanDisk Sansa e200 series. It features a similar scroll ring surrounded by navigation buttons yet slides open 3600V-style to reveal the keypad.

The handset is 3G so it features two cameras: a 1.3MP-er for still shots and VGA for video calling. There’s also a 1.9in 262k colour screen, 512MB of built in memory, a microSD expansion slot, multimedia player and Bluetooth 2.0 and USB2.0 connectivity. At 95 x 43 x 16.5mm and weighing just 90g the U-4000 is extremely portable and it could be a great success…

…depending on what SanDisk lawyers have to say.


Pantech U-4000 Product Page

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