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Panasonic reveals 3D Viera TVs and Blu-ray Player


Panasonic reveals 3D Viera TVs and Blu-ray Player

Later today we'll be winging our way to Munich to attend Panasonic's 2010 European press launch but we're already starting to get press releases detailing some of the products that we're expecting to see. In particular, Panasonic's first 3D capable Blu-ray player, the DMP-BDT300 and accompanying 3D TVs.

Looking first at the DMP-BDT300, it uses a new UniPhier LSI chip that enables it to output Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) 3D pictures via the sequential-frame method, whereby images for the left and right eye are displayed alternately at twice the normal framerate.

Of course, being a top-end player, it will also output 2D images read from conventional Blu-rays or DVDs. Panasonic also claims its PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus processor and Adaptive High Precision 4:4:4 processing will reproduce super accurate colours in even the finest details while Full HD upscaling will make DVDs look their best.

On top of these imaging abilities, the DMP-BDT300 also includes networking functionality so you'll be able to watch YouTube clips and Picasa slide shows through the Viera Cast web portal, use BD-Live features, as well as stream video and images from local networks (AVCHD, WMV, DivX and JPEG formats are supported). Panasonic also mentions there will be new content partners for Viera Cast but we've no word on what these are yet. Wi-Fi is also supported via compatible USB dongles.

Moving onto TVs and, as Riyad alluded to when he was out at CES, there will be two 3D TVs, both of which use plasma panel technology. Coming under the overall VT20 series name, they will be available in 65- and 50-inch versions called the TX-P65VT20B and TX-P50VT20B respectively. Both Full HD TVs will use Panasonic's 600Hz Sub-Field Frame Creation technology to enhance motion handling and of course allow for that all important 3D while 1080 Lines Moving Picture Resolution and Infinite Black Pro technologies will also be on-hand. These are also Neo PDP panels so boast an impressive true contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. Both FreeSat and Freeview HD tuners are also inbuilt.

As we say, we'll hopefully be seeing these products in the flesh within a matter of hours and we'll update this story with a few first impressions and possibly pricing when we do.


We've had a look at these and will be writing a full first impressions article shortly but in the mean time we've got pricing and availability details, at least for the TVs - Panasonic is keeping quiet about the Blu-ray player. The TX-P50VT20, then, will be available in April and will cost £2,000 while the TX-P65VT20 will arrive in June and set you back £4,000. Now obviously both these prices are pretty high but considering the step up in tech they're actually quite reasonable and certainly if we had the money they'd be jumping straight to the top of our list.

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