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Panasonic Viera G3 Allows SD Card Recording

David Gilbert


Panasonic Viera G3 HDTV Allows SD Card Recording

Panasonic has announced a new 42in HDTV in its G3 series which allows you record live television direct to a SD card.

While most people shelling out serious money to buy this 42in HDTV would more than likely have some form of PVR already, another recording option is always welcome. You can use SD, SDHC or SDHX cards with the TH-L42G3 though it appears as if anything recorded on these cards can only be viewed back on a Viera television, which limits the usefulness of the technology somewhat. The remote comes with a dedicated Record button and something called Viera Schedules will allow you to program recordings.

A 64GB card will record approximately five hours of high definition programming at a resolution 1920 x 1080 at 24Mbps. However with a 64GB card costing around £150 this may not be such a financially sound solution. Panasonic are however nothing if not considerate and a USB port at the back of the TV will allow you to connect a HDD to record your programmes.

No pricing on the set has been revealed yet and it will initially ship in Japan in February 2011. Besides the SD-recording aspect of the device, the television’s 42in HDTV LCD display is LED-backlit and using IPS technology for better viewing angles. The TH-L42G3 has two HDMI ports, an Ethernet port and Panasonic’s own Viera-link, which lets you hook up compatible cameras to view slideshows and video directly.

Source: Panasonic


December 18, 2010, 1:23 am

This looks like the first Panny telly in ages that is quite attractive... I like the subtle, machined finish. Here's hoping the replacements for the V20 and VT20 are a suitable step-up.


December 18, 2010, 5:50 am

In recent years I've come to increasingly like what Panasonic do much of of the time.

In fact what Panasonic are doing here is potentially the technology that could bypass Blue ray and say Bye Bye to optical discs for good.

I recently purchased a USB multi-card reader (because it was for a a normal NEW price of £0.99!!!!) AND more importantly it was the size and form of a USB stick. Thus inserting my Transcend 150x speed SD card, hey presto I got me a USB stick for when I want a USB stick and.....etc.

Thus I thought of those TVs that let you record to your USB stick!!! Or in this case a SD-type card!!

I think the prices of SD-type cards are artificially high. There is no reason for a 4GB SD-card or a USB stick to cost as little as a DVD-/+RW 4.7GB disc.

Some FREE advice to manufacturers: Ditch optical discs and go for SD Cards and USB sticks.

I think it's a suggestion Toshiba may like given their misfortune with their HD optical technology.

Something for TR Journos to discuss with Industry people at CES-Las Begas.

Hamish Campbell

December 18, 2010, 11:25 am

This must be so trivial to put in as my stepmum just bought a no-name (prosonic) 23 incher that does this down at a budget supermarket. Reasonably handy though, hope everyone pops it in their telly's.


December 18, 2010, 3:44 pm

Totally agree with en1gma. I'm thinking, 'Wow. Is this the first time I can actually consider buying Panasonic's class leading picture quality without having to take a massive dump in the middle of my room? Because that bezel looks acceptable'.

As for Enigma, well I've been saying that for years. Back when Motorola had a promotion offering The Bourne Identity on an SD card for one of their flip phones, I've been wondering aloud why read only SD cards weren't the storage media of choice for all home entertainment given how small and capacious it is, and why we don't all just have tiny SD card readers or 'players' for our film collections, when everyone keeps bitching about the space that optical discs and drives take up. Maybe the more tech savvy can explain to me why memory cards are seen as less reliable for reading large files over and over than the Flash chips everyone praises in iOS devices and the MacBook Air?


December 19, 2010, 6:52 am

Firstly, given how ubiquitous the SD and USB sticks (essentially an SD card with a USB connector) are it makes all the more sense, and not just because they present a very viable and natural replacement for the Blue Ray, having clearly supplanted CD and DVD media as the preferred and most desired choice. After all the whole reason why the SD and USB ports are incorporated on players and tvs is so that files from the digital and video cameras can be readily viewed for instances.

Of course DVD and BD readers will still be required for legacy reasons but essentially a HDD+USB is the combination. I say USB as my own example detailed above shows you don't need a card reader just drop one of these USB multi-card reader. Given that I got mine for a mere 99pence and 17.5pence is VAT the factory gate price is somewhere south of 20 pence. Far cheaper and simpler option than fitting a card reader when you already have a USB port or add another USB port. Makes even more sense given that a USB external HDD can be hooked up.

"Maybe the more tech savvy can explain to me why memory cards are seen as less reliable for reading large files over and over than the Flash chips"

No need, it is self evidently not so given that SD cards are being used in products that handle large files as matter of course - HD and now 3d HD camcorders! It has to be some marketing bullshit.

No need to have have a pile of SD or USB sticks. Just dump (sorry archive) the files not frequently required on HDD.


December 19, 2010, 2:00 pm

Don't expect much. I have previous model, 2010' G20. I have three computers connected to it, analogue and DVB-C cable tv, internet, analogue and DVB-T aerial. I can only record from DVB-T aerial. Any other source has recording or timeshifting disabled. And if I choose to have time shift enabled, then it does not record anything at all. And of course recordings can be viewed only on this one tv set of mine. Nowhere else. It is only paper specs boosting feature, in reality pretty much useless.


January 4, 2011, 6:27 am

@David Gilbert, You say this LCD is LED backlit. Is this correct or are Panasonic continuing with the bizarre & useless, but cheaper to manufacture edge-lit nonsense?

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