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Panasonic Uses Pioneer Kuro Tech to Make 5M:1 HDTV Line

Gordon Kelly


Panasonic Uses Pioneer Kuro Tech to Make 5M:1 HDTV Line

We've said it many times in the past and we'll say it again, Pioneer made the best TVs in the world. When it ceased production due to cost issues we shed a tear and hoped its agreement to share technology with Panasonic would eventually bear fruit. One year later, it has...

With the announcement of 'Viera G2' plasma series it seems Panasonic may finally have given us a genuine successor to Pioneer's remarkable Kuro models. Sporting Pioneer's PDP Black panel tech the new range claims contrast ratios of an incredible 5,000,000:1. They also sport Pioneer's built in sensors which measure a room's ambient lighting and automatically tweak the display's brightness and temperature settings appropriately.

42in, 46in and 50in models with a choice of black, brown and silver bezels will be made available, all with Full HD resolutions, three HDMI, one D4, three composite, an S-video and four RCA audio inputs plus VGA. An Ethernet port is also fitted which will support the acTVila online service plus an SD memory card slot, though we wait to hear if there will be expanded codec support for playing video content directly over a network.

Panasonic will begin shipping the Viera G2 series in Japan from February with an international roll-out expected to follow soon after. RRPs see the 42in, 46in and 50 inchers priced at $2,400 (£1,468), $2,870 (£1,756) and $3,530 (£2,472) respectfully which suggests even Panasonic's economies of scale can't bring down the cost of Pioneer's Kuro tech by much. Then again, the best the back.


via Impress (translated)

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