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Panasonic Updates TV Range Again


Panasonic Updates TV Range Again

Apparently Panasonic wasn't content with pushing out a new LZ range of LCD TVs and, of course, the insane 150in plasma at CES, and has decided that even more new TVs are what's needed, perhaps to commemorate the rebranding of the Matsushita empire with the Panasonic label? Probably not, but still a new set of more reasonably sized plasmas and smaller LCDs will please those of us who don't travel to work daily in a private helicopter.

We'll start with the Viera PX80-series plasmas, which comprise a 50in, 42in and 37in model all offering 15,000:1 contrast ratios, although the translated blurb indicates there may be some dynamic backlight adjustment going on there. Resolution wise the 50in set packs a 1,366 x 768 panel, while the 42in and 37in models have 1,024 x 768 panels.

As for connectivity the TVs boats dual HDMI inputs, D-Sub and D4 (the Japanese equivalent of Component). Interestingly, an SD card reader and Ethernet port is also on offer allowing the TV to play media without the need for a dedicated player, a feature Panasonic was pushing hard at CES this year. Availability for these sets is scheduled for April in Japan and pricing isn't specified as yet.

Moving onto the LCD front, we see three new mid-sized TVs in 32in, 26in and 20in sizes, packing a 720p-friendly 1,366 x 768 resolution and a claimed 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for the 32in model, which presumably goes the same for the smaller sets. Other features include support for 24hz and 1080p inputs (and combinations thereof), dual HDMI ports and the ability to attach a separate PVR add-on, which is controlled via the TV.


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