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Panasonic Toughbooks Now at UK Stores

Andy Vandervell


Panasonic Toughbooks Now at UK Stores

As much as we love playing around with Panasonic's awesome ToughBooks, actually seeing, trying and buying a Toughbook in the UK was strictly the preserve of the types in charge of multi-million pound acquisition contracts.

Panasonic has finally amended this situation, however, with 15 of its own high-street stores displaying and selling a selection of Toughbooks aimed at small and medium size businesses, as well as anyone with a large wallet and an undying need for a laptop that will probably out live them.

The models in question are the lightweight, business orientated CF-F8, the ultra-light and portable CF-W8 and the entry-level, semi-rugged CF-52.

All models are on sale now at the following locations: Bristol, Chesterfield, Dorchester, Exeter, Guildford, Kingston, Haverfordwest, Limerick, Lincoln, Llanelli, Milton Keynes, Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Salisbury, and Sheffield.

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