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Panasonic Introduces Four New Lumix Cameras

David Gilbert


Panasonic Introduces Four New Lumix Cameras

Panasonic has just celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Lumix range of digital cameras. Despite this momentous milestone, it shows no signs of slowing down output of its popular point-and-shoot models.

Following the launch of six new compact shooters at CES earlier this month, today the Japanese company launched four more Lumix devices to try and cover all bases. First up is the rugged looking DMC-FT3 (above) which is built to be thrown around it seems. As well as being dust-proof, it can withstand temperatures as low as -12°C, plunge watery depths to 12m and is shockproof to a height of 2m. It even has in-built GPS (which we’ve seen previously in Lumix TZ models) - in case you forget where you are shooting - as well as a compass, barometer and altimeter. The 12.1 megapixel shooter will record AVCHD full-HD video and even has a 3D photo mode which produces a 3D image out of 20 consecutive images shot whilst panning left to right. The images of course will have to be viewed on a 3D TV or some such compatible device.

The DMC-FX77 comes in sharp contrast to the FT3 being a slim and stylish point-and-shoot model boasting a 3.5in LCD touchscreen interface on the rear. The screen allows for Touch Auto Focus, Touch Zoom and Touch Shutter during recording, plus various Touch playback functions and 3D Photo mode with the camera. The 12.1megapixel FX77 features a new Leica DC 24mm ultra wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom and F2.5 brightness.

The latest additions to the TZ series are the TZ20 and TZ18 and Panasonic says it has had the lens system entirely redeveloped in both optical and mechanical design for these models. The TZ20 and TZ18 feature a new 24mm ultra wide angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens with 16x optical zoom. However intelligent zoom is made available through something called Intelligent Resolution technology which boosts the TZ20’s range to x21 and the TZ18’s to x20.

For more information on all the new models check out the links below. Dates for availability in the UK or pricing for the cameras is not yet known but we’ll tell you as soon as they tell us.

Links: TZ20, TZ18, FT3, FX77

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