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Palm Pre 2 and WebOS 2.0 Hit UK Shores


Palm Pre 2 and WebOS 2.0 Hit UK Shores

Palm has announced its latest smartphone, the Palm Pre 2 will be hitting the UK from Monday 15th November. Yes, that's next week!

The new handset features the new 2.0 version of WebOS (now officially HP WebOS), which includes a whole host of improvements including support for Adobe Flash in the web browser, something called Stacks which stacks related multi-tasking 'cards' on top of each other , and improved performance. One of the standout features is Just Type, which allows you to simply start typing and the phone will instantly start searching your phone for contacts, emails or almost anything. Not just this but the with Quick Actions you can start typing then, with one tap, paste what you've typed into an email, text message of Facebook update.

The new phone is very much an incremental upgrade from the Palm Pre Plus, which itself was a small improvement from the Palm Pre. Gone is the curved plastic screen and in its place is a much more durable flat glass finish while the rest of the body is finished in soft touch plastic. Also improved is the internal hardware with the CPU nearly doubling in speed from 600MHz to 1Ghz. The software now also uses GPU acceleration for an even snappier interface. The camera is now a 5 megapixel affair, up from the 3.2 megapixel unit on previous devices.

What has remained unchanged, though is the sliding form factor with the same rubber-keyed keyboard (and still no onscreen keyboard) below, and the screen is still a 3.1in unit with a fairly low resolution of 320 x 480. Onboard storage is a healthy 16GB but there's no provision for adding your own extra storage.

£399 is what you'll need to fork out to get yourself one of these and you'll have to go direct to Palm's site as there are currently no deals with mobile providers (seemingly the company learned its lesson from the debacle that was the O2 exclusive deal on the Pre).

We received our review handset late yesterday and were hoping to have a preview ready for you by this morning but we've thus far struggled to actually get the thing working, as it seems stuck in an infinite loop of trying to login to an existing Palm account. We'll report back as soon as it's up and running.

Update: Well that was quick, we're now up and running so will have a First Look up as soon as possible.


November 12, 2010, 4:10 pm

Not a huge change in the new Pre then, but its another push to get Web OS ot to more people I guess, i managed to get my hands on the original pre for a bit of a play. It seems nice although I personally find the keys to be too small and almost pointless, personally I would have preferred them to put a T9 keyboard there

I hope HP are working hard on the next generation of phones, I still think it was a shame that HTC didnt get hold of Plam as they really seem to produce some nice phones with good interfaces (e.g. HTC sense), but then I guess theyve found their nieche producing quality hardware and supporting Windows, Android ect

Ed Churchward

November 12, 2010, 9:36 pm

The original Pre was 500mhz, not 600mhz. Looking forward to the new hardware next year though, shame they bothered with thtis really.


November 15, 2010, 9:53 pm

WebOS still looks very tasty to me. Will probably wait to see if it appears on a tablet though.

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