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Palm Goes Up For Sale

Gordon Kelly


Palm Goes Up For Sale

Could this be the end of the road?

According to how-much-information-can-we-show-you-at-once news service Bloomberg, Palm "is seeking bids for the company as early as this week".

The news isn't surprising, just last month Palm's Q3 financial results showed a loss of $22m while handset shipments were down 29 per cent on its same quarter last year and 408,000 of its 960,000 manufactured over this time remained unsold. Reports soon followed that Palm has stopped Pre & Pixi production and while the company denied this (despite the fact it would be logical) and its PR agency contacted us to say it would explain why this was correct, that follow-up call never came - not a good sign - so the article remains live.

So what next? Among those said to be in the frame are Dell, HTC and Lenovo, though Dell is thought to have passed. Of those HTC would be the obvious choice having long produced superb hardware and shown itself to be a deft hand at software too with its Sense UI. I recently suggested both Samsung and LG should also make a bid given both are hardware experts, while their software leaves a lot to be desired. Of course Samsung is committed to its (I'll bet you) doomed bada OS, but LG could do worse than have a sniff around - the price isn't likely to be high.

Either way, we like Palm and respect its vision behind web OS (which still multi-tasks better than iPhone OS 4.0, but it simply doesn't have the financial muscle anymore to invest in the breakneck hardware and software developments required to survive at this level.

HTC, LG opportunity knocks...


via Bloomberg

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