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Palm Foleo Resurrected As WebOS Netbook

Gordon Kelly


Palm Foleo Resurrected As WebOS Netbook

It is a well known fact I'm not a fan of the cancelled Palm Foleo but I could be a big one of this...

Following the lead of manufacturers looking to build Android netbooks talk is growing that Palm will seek to capitalise on the huge potential of WebOS by building it into a new, reinvigorated Foleo. Now this I can get behind!

For those lucky enough to forget the original (above), we were looking at specs of a 10in display, Bluetooth, WiFi and 1.13kg weight. Not much to go on but given the shell-like nature (no CPU, storage or OS of its own) and $599 asking price we didn't care to find out much more.

Still, build us something similar with an Intel Atom/Via Nano CPU, small nippy SSD and some HSDPA and we could have a highly tempting netbook rival on our hands. In fact how about a Tegra platform to really shake things up?

Still let's not speculate too far as we don't even have the Palm Pre out the door yet, let alone the EOS. That said, if WebOS can fulfil its seemingly massive potential Palm can count me in...


via Barrons


May 5, 2009, 3:47 pm

While certainly more sensible than the original Foleo, I still don't see how this works. Sure webOS might be great (we'll see soon enough), but it's still hardly a full blown OS. Why would anyone choose this over a typical Linux install (let alone Windows XP or better yet the upcoming Windows 7)?


May 5, 2009, 10:12 pm

It makes as much sense as a linux install. Most people don't want a terminal or Gnome, they want a browser, a media player and (maybe) a mail program. Something like Android/iPhoneOS/WebOS should be able to handle all of that easier and perhaps even better than a Linux distro(from the average user's point of view).


May 6, 2009, 3:08 pm

"Most people don't want a terminal or Gnome, they want a browser, a media player and (maybe) a mail program"

Hmm. Let me see:

Firefox - check

VLC - check

Thunderbird - check

By my reckoning, most people don't want botnets, rootkits, viruses, etc.

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