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Page Reshuffles the Google Pack

David Gilbert


Page Reshuffles The Google Pack

When we reported last January on the decision by Google to replace Eric Schmidt as CEO with co-founder Larry Page, most saw it as a signal that Page and fellow co-founder Sergey Brin no longer needed "adult supervision".

Page took over his new role on Monday and his first week in the job has seen some major changes taking place already. He has basically split Google into six distinct sections and he has appointed six executives to the role of senior vice president (SVP) which each in charge of their own section. The new SVPs and their respective roles are: Alan Eustace (SVP of search), Vic Gundotra (SVP of social), Salar Kamangar (SVP of YouTube), Sundar Pichai (SVP of Chrome), Andy Rubin (SVP of mobile) and Susan Wojcicki (SVP of advertising).

Prior to officially taking over the position of CEO earlier this week, Page sent a memo to all employees last Friday which was leaked that showed that Page was prioritising social media. The memo stated that all bonuses would be tied to the success - or not - of Google's social strategy. "This is a joint effort so it's important that we all get behind it," Page said in the memo. This may not come as such good news for Google employees considering its rather abysmal attempts at conquering the social media world so far. With Buzz, Wave and even Picasa all failing to capture people's imagination, Page will be hoping that giving his 23,000 employees a financial incentive will bring success.

Google's latest attempt at integrating a social aspect to its search site was 1 which was launched last month. However, whether Page's focus on this aspect of the company will be bring success or not remains to be seen.

Source: Telegraph

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