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Packard Bell Reveals Liberty Tab


Packard Bell Reveals Liberty Tab

Packard Bell (PB) has announced its first ever tablet and it seems as if its main selling point is the fact that it comes in a burgundy red version.

We got a chance to have a brief hands-on look at the Liberty Tab from Acer's subsidiary last week and while it wasn't a finished version of the 10.1in tablet, we certainly got the feeling that a lot of "inspiration" for the patriotic sounding slate must have come from Acer's A500 Iconia Tab. The Liberty Tab will ship with Android Honeycomb this June and will be powered by nVidia's dual-core Tegra 2 processor. It will have a HDMI port as well as regular and mini USB ports. However, as the executives from PB kept telling us, it will also come with a burgundy red back - as well as the compulsory black version. We were told repeatedly that no other manufacturer would be doing this, which is probably true - though there's probably a good reason for that. There will also be a line of similarly coloured accessories such as keyboard and mouse available.

The Liberty Tab will support microSD cards up to 32GB and will ship in 3G and 3G Wi-Fi versions this summer. Speaking about cost, PB said it didn't have an exact price for the UK yet but that it would be between £400 and £500 pounds. Considering last week Acer announced the A500 would cost £449 for the Wi-Fi only model and £529 for the 3G model, it seems as if PB is sticking by what Acer is doing every step of the way. While the model of the Liberty Tab we saw was not the final version, it still felt decidedly flimsy and plastic-y. It was running Froyo rather than Honeycomb and PB told us that it would be putting its own UI on top of Honeycomb before shipping - which it seemed very excited about, but we were less enthusiastic.

We will reserve our final judgement until we get our hands on one, but with a lot of competition heading to this sector of the market, Packard Bell will be hoping the Liberty Tab has more than a different colour to make it stand out.

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