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PSP2 to Launch in time for Christmas 2011


PSP2 to Launch in time for Christmas 2011

The PSP2 will be launched in the UK by the end of next year, according to online reports. Gaming site VG247 claims it has an anonymous source that confirmed that, “it’s coming in late 2011”.

The news would make sense if Sony doesn’t want to give the Nintendo’s 3DS too much of a head start, with it confirmed that the console will be released in the UK in March. Of course, as well as Nintendo, it also has the non-insignificant threat of the iOS based gaming to contend with.

Rumours also abound that developers are already working on games for the forthcoming console with reports of development kits being sent out to developers.

Detailed hardware specifications such as display size and CPU are unknown at this point, but a hefty bump in graphical quality is to be expected. The PSP2 is widely expected to feature two analogue controllers and cameras front and rear, and could feature a touch screen, as well as physical controls.

No doubt all will be revealed at E3 in June next year, if not sooner.

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