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PSP Go Leaked Pre-E3


PSP Go Leaked Pre-E3

Somebody at Sony is likely to be feeling a little insecure in their future today having allowed the forthcoming PSP Go to be leaked via Sony's Qore gaming show, which was released before the products unveiling at E3.

The Go, which Eurogamer has managed to grab some official images of, features a sliding form-factor that's 43 per cent lighter than the current PSP, a 3.8in screen and eschews a UMD drive in favour of 16GB of internal flash memory. The PSP Go will, unsurprisingly, have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and direct access to the PlayStation Network meaning no more PC-based game, demo and video downloads - hurrah.

The device will be released in 'Fall' and won't replace the current PSP, instead sitting alongside it - presumably go give people time to transition to the UMD-less platform. It looks like we can look forward to LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid on the PSP Go, too. If those aren't awesome (potential) launch titles I don't know what are!


Via Eurogamer.


June 1, 2009, 3:39 pm

Looks so rushed I thought it was fake for a few hours...

The hands in the promotional pics looked deformed, the video which was leaked looked fan-made and to be honest, they could have just updated the firmware on the existing PSP(s) to increase online functionality.

Unless some kind of touch functionality or accelerometer is also revealed at E3, this is weak. I was expecting much more from Sony.

{Disclaimer: my friends have advised me to tell everyone to take my comments with a pinch of salt, as I'm a long-time Nintendo Fan ;-)}.

Paul Blakeman

June 1, 2009, 3:41 pm

Why do SONY refuse to add duel thumb sticks, the PSP needs them to be a true portable playstation?


June 1, 2009, 3:45 pm

i hope the fact it is 'sitting alongside' the current PSP doesn't suggest a rather substantial price difference between the two...

If it's competitively priced though - i'll be itching to get this on my birthday wish list come fall :)

Tim Sutton

June 1, 2009, 4:08 pm


They can't have two versions of the same console with different controls. Games made with dual analogue controls in mind won't work properly on previous PSPs and as Sony will still be making and selling the PSP3000 as well as the Go.. well, it's just another odd Sony decision.

*cough*Buy a DS and and Archos instead *cough*


June 1, 2009, 4:25 pm

@drdark and Paul

I agree, without new controls features, like dual thumbsticks or a touchscreen, this isn't of any interest to me. I don't care if means new games wouldn't be compatible with the old PSP - a selfish attitude perhaps, borne of the fact that I don't own an old PSP. But as it stands, this new model would be limited to the same kinds of simplified action games that we have currently.


June 1, 2009, 4:33 pm

Er, the screen is smaller than the existing PSP. The Go may be 40% lighter, but that smacks of a downgrade. I'd rather have a PSP that keeps the same form factor but adds the internal storage and ditches the UMD. Such a device would be lighter and thinner without sacrificing screen size or changing the form factor. I suspect I'm not the only one...

Sir Stuie

June 1, 2009, 4:45 pm

But will it change the main reason for owning a PSP, the homebrew scene. Also doesn't the nub look in an uncomfortable position.


June 1, 2009, 5:54 pm

I'd agree that the thumbstick looks really awkward...looks like a real stretch to reach.


June 1, 2009, 6:56 pm

I don't use portables any more, but if it had 2 thumbsticks, i might think about it. I loved my psp when it first came out and the homebrew scene was completely manic, but it's all died down now and i haven't used it in over a year.

IMO, even if they didn't put in a second analogue stick, putting those 2 buttons in place of the right one makes it look like a cheap Chinese knockoff. Not impressed at all.

Also, in response to Tim, i think that you could have 2 thumbsticks for games. The new games that come out will be on the download store only, and then maybe also released on UMD (i can't see the older PSP hanging on for much longer personally), and there could be options for different control settings in the game (much as we have different controls for cross platform wii/ps2 games).

But then, as i say, i won't be buying one (i use my iphone whenever i want to quickly play a game outside now), so what do i know?


June 1, 2009, 7:27 pm

Of course they have to give time for people to transition to uMDless. Sony has a responsibility to the retailers as well as consumers. This is a transition device between the psp and psp2. Much like the DS Lite. However, where I see the DSi as a poor transition to the DS Lite, I think if the PSP2 improves upon the PSP Go, it will be a nintendo beater. As this new console represents a shift in the market from simply hardcore games to the touch based intuitive games that nintendo has been producing.

Imagine within 2 years time, if Sony start introducing download booths to stores like GAME, where you bring in your PSP, browse a digital library of games, purchase and download them straight to your device, whilst the retailer (GAME or other) gets a cut of the revenue, and everybody wins. It will be a revolution like that of the vending machine for hand-held gaming.

Adam Foreman

June 1, 2009, 7:27 pm

This is a huge disappointment for me, namely the fact that the GO! only allows downloadable content and no backward compatibility with UMD's. Speaking as a father myself, having no obvious way of selling a game myself of child has either completed or dislikes, it's pretty much impossible to sell your old games making this version a 2nd hand market killer, something of which SONY has been very vocal in the past of getting ri of as they claim it kills their new software sales and therefore game development. Without further information as to how all this is going to work, this is simply going to be passed over by me and my family.


June 1, 2009, 7:28 pm

I would think the new psp is aimed at the personal media player (PMP) market more then the gaming


June 1, 2009, 9:56 pm

Don&#8217t like the idea of downloadable games only.

I don&#8217t like the fact there is no re-sale for the games!

If you buy a game for £45 and it turns out to be a lemon, you&#8217ve just lost your money, at least if you physically buy the game you could take it back or trade it in for another game when your finished!

Also you can only download the games from Sony and so game prices are going to be dictated by them, no competition means they can charge what the hell they like, last time I checked Sony are selling Tom Clancy&#8217s End War for about £30 as a downloadable game, I just checked Amazon and its going for £16!

No second hand market means people are going to get ripped off!


June 1, 2009, 10:41 pm

Even when all games become 'download only', I think Sony are still planning to release retail box versions that can be sold by high street or internet retailers, including the likes of Amazon. These boxes will probably contain a code that can be redeemed from the PSN store and then associated with your PSN account, after which the game can be downloaded for free. This is what they've already done with Patapon 2:


In future, I imagine the game files could even be provided in the box on an SD card and then loaded to the PSP's onboard storage, although I wouldn't be surprised if that cost a few quid more.

I don't think download only games will cause a catastrophe for the consumer, although I reckon Dan raised a good point. This could kill the second-hand PSP game market dead. You'll only be able to sell on your downloaded game (or even return it to your retailer) if Sony provide the mechanism to disassociate a game's code from your account, thereby freeing it up for another account to use. Will they be kind enough to do that or will they take a page from the Microsoft/Apple book of fleecing the customer?


June 1, 2009, 10:51 pm

Thumbsticks/Decent Games i'm in otherwise forget it. Is this Sony's big one? Disappointed.


June 1, 2009, 10:56 pm

Let's take this apart then:

1) It looks interesting but will probably break in a nasty way (ask anyone who owns a slider-phone)

2) It iss lighter (for reasons i don't understand; i'm fine with the phat PSP) than the current and previous model

3) Has loads of internal storage (although i cannot see a memory stick slot) and no doubt the homebrew market will find a way through as they have done with devices past and present.

What is the point of it? I don't feel it improves on the current psp experience, and if anything, most people will see it as a device that takes away from what they currently enjoy.

sorry sony, this fish just aint bitin!


June 1, 2009, 11:21 pm

Maybe we're just missing the point. Maybe this is supposed to be a 'PSP Shuffle' for those who value portability above all else. Maybe it will never replace the PSP, just compliment it, and so it doesn't have two analogue sticks because it was never supposed to be giant step forwards.


June 2, 2009, 2:23 am


If this is a "PSP Shuffle" it's missing the target big time.


June 2, 2009, 7:10 am

All I'll say is I'm intrigued by most of the above comments. Looks like a positive step forward to me. Smaller but otherwise the same functionality as the PSP plus a few extra bits and bobs. As an all in one travel entertainment platform this is just the sort of thing I'd want.


June 2, 2009, 3:36 pm

It has the lack of a noisy UMD drive going for it, for saving on weight and allowing longer battery life, but I'd still call it more of a sideways shuffle than a step forward.

Ultimately it'll all depend on the games available around launch, and whether it's cheaper than the 3000 (which I can't see happening).

Nick Upjohn 1

June 3, 2009, 9:40 pm

thats the ugliest thing ive ever seen in my life. and why is the screen smaller. one of the best things about the psp was it had a proper sized screen for movies games etc. I'd buy a DSi over that and thats saying something considering shall we say my prejudices.


June 4, 2009, 1:28 pm

Im not sure, what this fuss is all about, I think it looks amazing and the people who are saying its ugly is only because they have got the 3000 haha

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