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PS3 Slim Still Loses Sony Money


PS3 Slim Still Loses Sony Money

Details about the PS3 Slim are still slowly spilling out in the wake of its unveiling. For example, in an interview with the Times Online, Kaz Hirai revealed that - despite reduced manufacturing costs - Sony still makes a loss on each console sold.

It's not quite as bad as it sounds. Hirai concedes, "If you're just talking about the hardware alone, the quick answer is yes. That makes good headlines." However looking at the PS3 Slim on its own isn't representative of the PlayStation business as a whole. Taking into account software, services, and periphery hardware, too, then PlayStation is profitable for Sony, says Hirai.

Even if Sony is still making a loss on a per-console level, it's likely to be much reduced compared to the original PlayStation 3. That, as simple common sense dictates, can only help Sony's financials.

Incidentally, Hirai also explained the reason for the change from the old Spider-man style PlayStation 3 logo to the shortened PS3 identifier in the same interview. Apparently it's a twofold decision based on a desire to both refresh the brand and enable the logo to be displayed more prominently in advertising - the aspect ratio of the previous logo made it pretty small in narrow ads.

I recommend checking out the full interview for a few more interesting snippets on Hirai's thoughts about Sony on a winder basis that just PlayStation.


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