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PS3 Slim 250GB Edition Made Official

Gordon Kelly


PS3 Slim 250GB Edition Made Official

Rumours of a 250GB PlayStation 3 appeared earlier in the month and now Amazon has pulled its usual trick and confirmed it...

UK and Australian versions of the gargantuan shopping site have listed the 'Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console (250GB Model)' as arriving on 1 October and we Brits can snaffle it up for a £284.99 (RRP £299) including VAT and delivery. Bolstering this news, EDGE says three bundles will allegedly be on their way:

  • 1 October: with a choice of two platinum games or a copy of Infamous

  • 16 October: a copy of Uncharted 2

  • 19 October: a movie edition with a Blu-ray remote plus flicks Wolverine & The Dark Knight
As of yet there is no sign of the white PS3 Slim variant bundled with Final Fantasy XIII spotted in Japan, but it can't be long now before choice widens. Fuchsia anyone?

So begins the latest round to the age old question: 250GB Xbox 360 or 250GB PS3?


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