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PS3 3D Blu-ray Firmware Update Arriving 21 September


PS3 3D Blu-ray Firmware Update Arriving 21 September

Sony has announced that firmware version 3.50 for the PS3 will arrive on 21 September, bringing with it 3D Blu-ray movie support.

The announcement was made at a Sony press conference held today at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. The press conference was entirely in Japanese, so it’s not clear if that date is a worldwide one, but we're waiting for confirmation at the moment.

Image courtesy Engadget

The PS3 was updated to play 3D games back in June, and up to now there’s been no clear reason for the delay in bringing 3D Blu-ray compatibly too. Could Sony have simply been trying to push sales of its new range of 3D enabled dedicated Blu-ray players?

Either way, the firmware should be here real-soon-now, so if you’ve been waiting for this to upgrade to a 3D enabled TV, then your patience will soon be rewarded.

In other news, Sony also announced that it has added BBC iPlayer support to its Bravia range of televisions. The streaming service will be available only on Bravia TVs that have a Freeview HD tuner, even though the tuner won't be in use to view the content.

The BBC iPlayer is also available on Sony's 2010 range of Blu-ray players and Home Cinema systems.

Link: Engadget 2010 TGS Live Blog.

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