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PQI Signals CES SSD Intent

Gordon Kelly


PQI Signals CES SSD Intent

It's looking increasingly like 2009 - particularly late 2009 - will be a breakthrough year for SSD storage and with this sexy quartet from PQI set to be unveiled at CES next week the momentum continues to grow...

Of noteworthy status pre-show are the 1.8in 'S518' and 2.5in 'S525' SSDs which sport capacities up to 128GB yet aim to be affordable and will be available to the upgrade market. Rather interestingly, the latter can be also used as an external drive over USB and neither are slouches with 154.1MBps read and 90.8MBps write speeds.

Next up is the 'S520', a 32GB SSD in Express Card form factor which also offers a USB interface enabling it to be used in a hot swappable manner with both compatible desktops and notebooks. Lastly, the adaptable 'S530' is a 64GB external SDD providing read speeds up to 90MB per second and which comes with discrete USB and eSATA connectors.

Of course the interesting aspect to all these devices is that while they don't push the extreme end of the solid state capacity race they show manufacturers are increasingly seeing SSD technology as viable across a wide range of storage products. With no moving parts, greater shock resistance, lower power consumption, reduced weight and silent operation it is also a transition which can't come soon enough.

Fingers crossed PQI's intent is echoed by many at next week's big show... we'll let you know.


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