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PNY Shows Off Biodegradable Memory Stick


PNY Shows Off Biodegradable Memory Stick

It has to be said, there's not too much of interest happening on the memory scene at the moment. SSDs are getting bigger and cheaper, DDR3 memory is getting faster and is now cheap as chips, and memory sticks seem long to have become as rugged, small, and secure as possible. So where else can memory manufacturers go than down the green-is-good road as PNY Technologies demonstrated at this year's Computex.

It's latest line of memory sticks, the Green Attaché, use a completely biodegradeable vegetable polymer plastic to encase the memory chips and USB interface pins. A company rep said the whole thing would degrade completely within 3 months once chucked in the ground. Though when asked whether this would leave the memory chip itself and the USB pins he admitted that indeed it would. Still, I suppose it's better than the whole thing being left to clutter up our beloved mother earth. Also, with them being small in capacity and slow, I'm sure can expect them not to cost the earth as well!... I'll get my coat.

Technology changes, and so sho

June 5, 2009, 7:48 pm

Being potential electronics waste, it would be covered by the WEEE directive and you'd have to take it to your local collection point (usually the municipal dump) where they will dispose of it responsibly (either re-use or take it to bits and recover what they can).

The PCB and components shouldn't make it to landfill intact if you dispose of it properly.

...but who's got time for that?

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