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PAYG BlackBerry Squeezed Out By Orange

Gordon Kelly


PAYG BlackBerry Squeezed Out By Orange

Always wanted a BlackBerry but found them a little too rich for your blood? Orange is about to change that...

Using a wonderful thing called logic, the telco has today announced it will be exclusively launching the ever-so-excellent-if-slightly-old Pearl 8120 as a PAYG handset.

For those unfamiliar with this little beauty (and too lazy to click the review link above) it's an eminently user friendly candybar with SureType keyboard, integrated FaceBook, MySpace, Flickr and IM software, a 2MP camera, WiFi and multimedia playback. At £145 it's rather more affordable than your usual RIM offering during these recession-y days and Orange is being a good sport by offering its BlackBerry Internet Service for just £5pm.

Speaking out on the release is Orange PAYG director Pippa Dunn "With nearly two thirds of UK mobile customers now using pay as you go, we are really pleased to be bringing one of the most popular email and multimedia devices to the masses as the first operator to offer BlackBerry on pay as you go in the UK." Two thirds! Wow.

You can snap up the PAYG BlackBerry 8120 immediately - the only caveat being: is it really a good idea to look like a banker these days?!


Orange Shop 8120 PAYG Listing


February 9, 2009, 10:59 pm

I bought and set one of these up for my wife. It is quite a good deal for her on the Dolphin tariff, effectively a full BlackBerry service, 400 texts and 25 minutes voice all for &#16310 a month. You can even pay this as a direct debit, so it looks and feels like a contract tariff, but without any tie in. This fits her needs well. Initially the BB provisioning did not go through completely (maybe Orange /RIM still have a few things to iron out for the PAYG service?), but a call into the store go things moving with technical support. I use a BB Bold so the Pearl screen and keyboard are for me quite a down-trade, but if you are new to BB and want a relatively inexpensive, no contract handset with the usual seamless BB email function, this is an excellent deal. Multiple email accounts are a doddle to set up and work perfectly. Using Google Calendar with automatic over the air sync to the handset is a refinement I also use on my Bold. Finally, and unique to Orange, the wi-fi capability on this handset allowed me to use voice, SMS as well as email and internet services while connected to our home (or office router), even with mobile network switched off - using Orange's UMA technology. Very neat, and could be useful if you are in a low mobile signal area but have wi-fi. Calls made this way charged as normal to the PAYG credit. BB for the masses has arrived!

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