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Other Channel Schedules Available On iPlayer

David Gilbert


Other Channel Schedules Available On iPlayer

The way television content is consumed has changed so much in the past few years, as to be almost unrecognisable of the old “miss it and miss out” viewing experience.

From pausing live TV, to catch up services on PVRs, iPads and online, people can pretty much chose when and how they watch any programme of their choice. Therefore each service providing catch-up services needs to try and keep one step ahead of the rest and as such the BBC has rolled out an additional to its iPlayer service which it hopes will keep people happy. From today on you will be abel to browse on-demand services not only from the BBC channels but also from ITV, Channel 4, Five, S4C, SeeSaw.com and its latest partner MSN Video Player. However unlike websites like SeeSaw you won’t be able to watch the content directly from iPlayer. Instead you will be given a link to the relevant channel’s website from where you can view the programmes.

Users can use either use the schedule widget' (see below) or the 'search' function to find the content they want. To do this, feeds are taken from the BBC’s partners periodically that contain all their programme information, both scheduled and on-demand to make the programmes findable through the iPlayer interface. This feature has been promised for a long time and an engineer even tweeted a couple of weeks ago that it was going to live then.

“More broadly, we think BBC Online should serve as a hub to support other UK sites and want to double the traffic we send externally. Already the BBC News product is one of the top 5 sites driving referrals to UK newspapers, adding value to the UK online economy and our audiences: this partnership is a good example of how the BBC iPlayer can follow in those footsteps,” said Paul Clark, Head of Audience-Facing Services at the Beeb.

With YouView delayed by….well, quite a long time it seems, this looks like it is going to have to do for the mean time, so enjoy folks.

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