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iPhone Hacker Cracks PlayStation3

Gordon Kelly


Original iPhone Hacker Cracks PlayStation3

Three years is one heck of a long time to remain unhacked in the technology world, but it was inevitable the PlayStation 3 would fall eventually ...

Taking this notable scalp is US hacker George Hotz and, if his name sounds familiar, he was the then-teenager who famously first hacked the iPhone (generation one). How long had he been working on the PS3 hack? Five weeks. "It's supposed to be unhackable - but nothing is unhackable," Hotz explained to BBC News. "I can now do whatever I want with the system. It's like I've got an awesome new power - I'm just not sure how to wield it."

Describing the hack Hotz said it is "5% hardware and 95% software" and would allow pirated games to be played. "You can use hardware to inject an insecurity and then you can build on that," he said, admitting "To tell you the truth, I've never really played a PS3. I have one game, but I've never really played it." Instead Hotz said his main motivations were "curiosity" and "opening up the platform" and it could have positive benefits too since he claimed it will enable users of newer versions like the PS3 Slim to once again play older PlayStation 2 titles.

To prove his feat Hotz has promised to publish details of the console's root key, which should make it easier for other hackers to crack. It is the same tactic he performed with the iPhone. Sony has quickly responded to Hotz comments saying it is "investigating the report and will clarify the situation once we have more information."

I imagine it isn't too thrilled...


via BBC News

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