StyleFi Breaks Cover

Of course not everyone has an iPod and Oregon Scientific is keen to address this market too. The Music Sphere does away with the iPod cradle and replaces it with a wireless transmitter with three inputs.

The Music Sphere can then send three different music streams to the remote speaker, while the speaker itself can switch between the streams. The colour of the display will change depending on what stream you’re listening to, making it simple to tell what you’re listening to at a glance.

The Music Sphere should be in shops any day now at a retail price of £179.99 inc VAT.


Also on show was the Music Orbit + Music Station. This two piece solution comprises a portable CD player that supports both MP3 and WMA codecs. Now this may be nothing new, but the Music Station brings a new spin to the table.

The Music Station is a docking station for the Music Orbit which includes a speaker and an integrated FM/AM tuner. The Music Orbit simply slips vertically into the top of the Music Station, so you can watch the disc spinning round while you listen. The player will also charge while it’s docked.

The Music Orbit + Music Dock will cost £159.99 when it launches in October.


Finally OS showed off the Music Element – a small and stylish micro HiFi system with super slim, wall mountable speakers. Clearly going after the same market as the Bose LifeStyle systems, the Music Element tries to convey high quality CD playback without taking over your living room.

The player itself certainly looks good, while the sound from the small speakers is filled out by the supplied subwoofer. The CD player supports MP3 and WMA playback, while the integrated FM/AM tuner adds versatility.

The Music Element will be available in October at a price of £299.99 inc VAT.



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