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OrbitSound Rolls Out New 'Spatial Audio' Speakers & Docks

Gordon Kelly


OrbitSound Rolls Out New 'Spatial Audio' Speakers & Docks

Looking for something a little out the ordinary to bolster your audio enjoyment this summer? Orbitsound has come to the rescue with the British company unveiling a new line of typically innovative docks, soundbars and portable speakers this week.

First up is the 'T12v2 soundbar' which capitalises on the famed spatial stereo sound which gives Orbitsound its name. Designed to be mounted above or beneath a flat screen TV, the T12 can reach 96dBA and simulate the effect of a full 5.1 speaker system. Interestingly it is also an iPod dock with 3.5mm jack input which retails for just £299.99 - substantially less than you'd typically expect to pay for this kind of tech.

Next we have the 'T6 iPod dock' - a vacuum tube based model using OrbitSound's own 'AirSOUND' technology which the company boldly describes as "life changing". AirSOUND uses a single speaker, but manages to recreate stereo sound by pushing out left and right stereo signals separately where they then combine in the air (hence the name) to produce the stereo effect. The upside is you should be able to place the T6 anywhere in a room and get superb sound quality because the magic happens away from the unit itself.

On top of this OrbitSound has also unveiled the 'T4 Radiopod' (an all in one WiFi equipped DAB, DAB+, Internet and iPod dock with digital alarm clock and snooze button) and the 'T3 portable speaker' which claims to last up to 10 hours on a single charge making it ideal for plugging into an MP3 player or mobile phone during your brief forays into the UK sun this summer. Both products also incorporate the company's spatial stereo technology.

We're waiting on a release date and RRP for the T6, but the T12v2 soundbar, T4 Radiopod and T3 portable speaker are all available now with the latter two costing £179.99 and £49.99 respectively.

Update: turns out the T6 is an old model, so scrap that from your lists. Unless you don't want to and enjoy using eBay...

Link: OrbitSound

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