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Orange to Buy Project Kangaroo Tech


Orange to Buy Project Kangaroo Tech

Project Kangaroo may yet be saved - if rumours are to be believed, Orange is looking to snap up the video-on-demand technology behind http://www.trustedreviews.com/tvs/news/2009/02/04/Competition-Comission-Halts-Project-Kangaroo/p1Kangaroo to bolster its own Orange TV service.

Speaking to the Guardian, a spokesperson at Orange's parent company, France Telecom wouldn't confirm that Orange is planning to make an offer to take control of Kangaroo's assets - which BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 are looking to rid themselves of - only confirming that: "We are examining this company and we see of course that it could be interesting."

Of course there would be a downside to Orange TV getting hold of Kangaroo: the service is only available in France currently. That said, France Telecom's spokesperson did hint at developments to come there, saying: "On Orange TV we are very cautious about what we are saying in the UK but {Kangaroo} could help us in developing more quickly Orange TV projects in France."

We'd still rather see Kangaroo as originally envisioned, though...



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