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Orange Trials Wind Powered Phone Charger

Gordon Kelly


Orange Trials Wind Powered Phone Charger

With the festival season now heavily upon us and something called Glastonbury (*spit* no I didn't get a ticket) weighing heavy on the horizon Orange has announced a timely accessory...

Called the 'Mobile Wind Charger' it makes me look stupid because I then have to tell you it is a wind charger for mobile phones... what you don't know however is how it works and that part is rather interesting.

Instead of the basic system where the handset charges when the wind blows the Mobile Wind Charger is instead attached to a storage battery. Consequently when the wind blows the battery is filled then – come the end of the day – a mobile can be connected to this battery to refuel. Simple and smart: especially considering we're based in England so wind is pretty much in constant supply...

At just 150g, the Wind Charger is certainly small enough to be carted around too and ironically Orange will even be demoing the device at Glastonbury itself (which means it got tickets *grrrr*).

Being a prototype Orange has yet to indicate an RRP or potential release timeframe for the Wind Charger but it should appeal to road warriors and hippies alike. This is a special feat seeing that the two groups haven't bonded since mixing up their brownies at university...


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