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Orange & Sony Ericsson Recall W910i

Gordon Kelly


Orange & Sony Ericsson Recall W910i


Orange and Sony Ericsson are recalling all W910i Walkman phones released on the network after uncovering a rather major technical problem: they switch off 10 seconds into a call.

Coupled with this, the issue also stops the user from being able to answer calls. Both Sony Ericsson and Orange say the problem effects just a minority of models but they want to recall them all to make sure that the fault doesn't become more widespread with use.

In a joint statement the pair said: "Sony Ericsson and Orange recognised an early problem with a small number of W910i's which prompted a recall of the first batch of product from Orange stores. This issue has now been fixed and the W910i is selling well in Orange Retail."

So if you were amongst the early adopters (it's always the loyal enthusiasts who get hit hardest) and you've been curious why your girlfriend hangs up on you every 10 seconds - relax, she's not mad at you... though if you haven't tried calling from another phone, she may be by now.


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