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Orange Revises iPhone Data Restrictions

Gordon Kelly


Orange Revises iPhone Data Restrictions

What was I just saying about news coming in clusters this week? Keeping the trend well and truly rolling Orange has followed the iPhone launch and T-Mobile merger finalisation with some welcome expansion on its iPhone data tariffs...

The World, his wife (is the World male? Doubt it), her dog and the dog's favourite chew toy were up in arms yesterday when Orange Terms & Conditions said its unlimited iPhone data allowance equated to just 750MB per month. Thankfully that's not the case.

Speaking to T3 an Orange spokesperson has now claimed 750MB isn't a fixed limit, but more of a guide. "{We don't} call it a cap, we don't restrict the service, and we don't charge them any more if they go over 750MB," she said. "It's just an indication of where we'd prefer people to be."

She also said Orange "looked into typical Orange iPhone data usage. We found 200MB was the average monthly usage, so we felt 750MB would be more than enough." And that "People's first month of usage tends to be a lot higher than subsequent months, in the first month of a customer's contract we'll bear that in mind. In the first month users are getting used to their iPhones, setting up email accounts, downloading a lot of applications. We'll be lenient, and won't cut customers off if the 750MB limit is reached."

The good news doesn't stop there either: "Our standard data package for other phones starts at £1.47, but that does not apply to the iPhone," she added. "When people reach 750 {MB} they're free to use as much as they want after that. If we see customers using loads more than that though, then we'll send them alerts by SMS or phone call, to tell them they're using more than they should be."

In fact the only imposed restrictions will be a maximum download size of 10MB over 3G, meaning larger Apps and podcasts are off limits. BBC iPlayer is also restricted to WiFi only, though there was no mention of how it would treat Spotify.

These caveats aside it seems once again to place the marginally cheaper Orange iPhone tariffs ahead of O2. Well that and the fact its data network has yet to collapse four times in two months.


via T3

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