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Orange Launches Sub £5pm Mobile Broadband Tariff

Gordon Kelly


Orange Launches Sub £5pm Mobile Broadband Tariff

We've all heard the talk of rising house prices by the end of the year and the growing theory that the economy has bottomed out. Well, I think that's a complete load of tosh and I'm glad Orange's latest tariffs show it does too...

The Ofcom praised telco has announced a pair of new mobile broadband deals which shouldn't scare even the most timid of shell shocked wallets.

Most interestingly is the network's new £4.89pm deal on Orange Internet Everywhere, the cheapest tariff on the market. For this meagre outlay customers will get a 500MB per month allowance and download speeds of up to 3.6Mbit. The caveats are that you'll need to be an existing Orange mobile or home broadband subscriber to take advantage and sign up to an 18 month deal. On the other hand you still get a free Huawei E160e dongle which can also double up as a memory stick.

Secondly comes the 'Early Bird Tariff', a trio of mobile broadband deals that begin from £13pm and provide unlimited (yes, we're checking the 'Fair Use Policy') surfing between midnight and 9am on top of their standard data allowance of 1GB, 3GB or 10GB per month. All run on 12 month contacts and could be particularly handy for those with early morning commutes or night shifts.

Lastly Orange is updating its mobile broadband software for all customers. The new version will alert users when they are approaching their usage threshold. Perhaps even better, is a new automatic bill cap of £40pm if customers accidentally go over their monthly data allowance whilst using their dongle in the UK.

Seems like someone has been taking their Sensible Tablets this month...

Update: That fair use policy is actually very generous allowing up to 5GB daily between midnight and 9am.


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