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Orange Launches 3G


Orange Launches 3G for Consumers

Orange has joined 3 and Vodafone with the launch of 3G services for the consume in the UK. Six accompanying handsets have also been launched, giving users a good choice to get them started.

Orange has promised 3G Roaming and network interoperability from launch, with video calling regardless of network provider across eight countries.

It’s been a long road to 3G for Orange, with its first 3G trials taking place back in 1999. It’s moving into a difficult market with a recent report from Which magazine claiming the 3G services were overpriced, and that the handsets were too bulky. The handsets that Orange are launching are more recent and hopefully won’t suffer from excess size. The handsets are as follows.

• Sony Ericsson Z1010

• Sanyo S750

• LG U8150

• Samsung Z107

• Nokia 6630 (coming soon)

• Motorola C975



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