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Orange Bundles Notebooks With Business Tariffs


Orange Bundles Notebooks With Business Tariffs

Apparently we still haven't seen the end of "take out a phone/broadband contract get a free laptop/netbook" offers because Orange has yet another one. This time, though, the company is partnering with HP, rather then PC World.

Three new bundles, under the broad heading of Business Everywhere with Laptop are slotting into Orange's business tariff line-up thusly:

That 'unlimited' (read: 5GB 'fair use' limit) HSDPA data allowance is perhaps a little stingy for the price compared to other providers. Although the 500mins of WiFi access via Bt Openzone or The Cloud hotspots (the two most prolific providers) goes some way to sweetening the deal. Take the 'free' laptop into account, though, and the pricing is much more reasonable.

We'd probably recommend avoiding the AMD Sempron-packing 6735s, though. Two years down the line that particular system is going to feel extremely long in-the-tooth. The CPU is hardly a bastion of high performance computing now.

Matt G Baish

September 18, 2008, 2:58 pm

OFCOM! Wake up! Surely broadband providers (mobile or otherwise) should NOT be allowed to advertise something as UNLIMITED when it clearly is not!


Rant over.

Brian ONeill

September 18, 2008, 6:22 pm

As an orange user for 5 years i would settle for fair priced mobile internet prices, support calls that are answered by real people, and and mobile internet signal that works.

My contract is up in November and i will be switching. These gimmicks are no replacement for decent service.

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