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Orange Brings 20Mbit Broadband to All

Gordon Kelly


Orange Brings 20Mbit Broadband to All

I suspect this marks the beginning of a very welcome trend...

Orange has this week announced it will be making 20Mbit DSL connections standard across all its broadband packages with immediate effect. The move comes as part of a price plan refresh.

The result is the Home ‘Starter', ‘Select', ‘Max' and ‘Ultra' packages will now come in at standalone monthly prices of £10, £12, £9.50 and £13.50 (the latter two with £10.50pm Orange land line rental on top). With an Orange pay monthly mobile plan these drop to £7, £9, free for the first three months then £6.50 and £10.50 (ditto, latter two and £10.50 Orange land line rental).

All four packages come with 18 month contracts, bundled wireless routers and ‘unlimited' download allowances subject - as always - to a fair usage policy (I'm chasing the exact figure(s)). That said, given Orange's plan to market the new plans under the slogan ‘No more speeding fines' I'd hope it isn't going to shoot itself in the foot with a stingy figure.

"We're really pleased to be making download speeds of up to 20 Meg available as standard - regardless of the home broadband package a customer chooses," commented Orange director of broadband and home Asif Aziz. "With these faster speeds, built around price plans which really do offer value for money - customers can make the most of the internet and enjoy a faster and more seamless experience when going online."

We're behind Orange on this one, but remember: depending on the distance of your home from the local exchange and the concentration of broadband usage in your area real world speeds may be significantly less than 20Mbit so make sure to run a line test before you sign away the next 18 months...


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